Criminal Lawyer

In law you have two types of Lawyers a criminal lawyer and a civil lawyer. The differences between the two types of lawyers are; one handles civil (money) cases between at least two parties and the other deals with crime that the state or federal government brings up against an individual or a group. Phoenix criminal lawyers are the best representation when faced with a criminal lawsuit in Phoenix Arizona.

Criminal lawyers represent their clients who have charges pending on them from the state. The Government initiates lawsuits against the clients who are accused of some sort of crime. The crime can be as small as a misdemeanor like drunk driving or as big as a felony like murder. Whatever the crime is once the Government has brought up charges on an individual or group they need legal representation from a criminal lawyer. Criminal lawyers also represent clients who have to face misdemeanors.

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When you know you may be facing charges in a criminal case regardless of which side you are on. Hire a criminal lawyer in phoenix right away. Some people like to wait around to see who if the charges will be drooped. This is not a good idea. Criminal lawyers work best when they can start to work on the case as soon as possible. This allows the lawyer to find any faults in the prosecutor’s case. Sometimes if you have a criminal lawyer working on your case before the charges are filed against you it is easier for the lawyer to have the case dismissed.

If it is an ongoing investigation, this is a case where the plaintiff is being represented, the lawyer could ask for a lesser charge early in the case.