Criminal Lawyer Sydney

Finding the Best Criminal Lawyer is mandatory if you want to win the case as Law is not a simple thing. The defence lawyer would assess the situation you are currently facing and he would discuss with you the minute details of your crime that you have been charged with. The situation could get worse if you try to deal with Law on your own as you would not have the basic understanding that an experienced lawyer would have. That is the only reason why anyone is who is charged with a serious offence seeks help of a good lawyer. If you represent yourself in a trial, the outcome can be a confusing experience especially when you do not know anything about the law.

Anybody who might have committed a serious crime has the right to hire the best criminal lawyer to ensure that they have a proper and fair trial. There have been a lot of cases when innocent people have been wrongly convicted of the crimes they did not commit because they were unable to hire defence lawyers.

Following are the points that would help you deciding on the best criminal lawyer for your case:

Jury trial experience

It is one of the most vital points to be taken into consideration in deciding on a criminal lawyer whether he has jury trial experience. It is the most important factor for determining a criminal lawyers competence as in whether he holds a good experience in jury trial. Defence lawyers who conduct jury trials on a regular basis are the most respected opponents for prosecutors and accordingly, they tend to receive better offers during the plea bargain process.


It is very essential for your lawyer to have a good number of experiences in years and in the county in which you have been charged. It is recommendable for you to ask your lawyer the number of years he has practiced in a particular city.

Know their history

It is advised to find an attorney who specializes in your specific type of crime, if you are charged with drunk driving, domestic abuse, assault, homicide or any other type of crime. It ensures that the lawyers will be well-versed with the laws or penalties for these types of crimes.

The Best Criminal Lawyer will navigate the process for you and will keep you updated on a timely basis to ensure that you have the best chance of the best possible outcome. A criminal lawyer also gives you the chance of neglecting jail time.