Criminal Law Attorney

Many areas of criminal law exist – for example, DWI, assault, possession of cocaine or marijuana, white collar cases, and theft.  Different criminal lawyers work in different areas, such as a “DWI’ lawyer, but they are one trick ponies.  The best lawyers in Houston, Texas, who handles all types of cases, from misdemeanors to felonies, from DWI to fraud.  After all, how confident would you be if you hired a mechanic that could only change tires, not work on your engine?

Criminal law also involves various stages – from investigation to trial to post-trial.  In the investigation phase, the lawyer protects your interests and tried to prevent the police or prosecutor from filing charges.  In trial phase, the lawyer represents you in trial court and tries to reach the best result possible, be it dismissal or a plea or acquittal.  Finally, post-trial, the lawyer can represent you in new trial motions, appeals, or post-conviction writs.  Harris County lawyers have lots of experience handling these various stages in Houston, Texas.

Today, there are many law firms that have gone online with websites.  Not all of these Houston criminal law firms handle all types of cases.  Some DWI attorneys only handle DUI cases.  Other drug attorneys only handle drug cases, like marijuana and cocaine. Very few criminal defense lawyers in Houston, Texas, regardless of the law they specialize in, are Board Certified in Criminal Law.  This Board Certification gets the Seal of Approval from the State Bar of Texas and ensures your criminal defense lawyer in Harris County, Texas, meets the strictest requirements for licensure.

Do not hesitate to call and set up a meeting with a Houston criminal lawyer.  Houston has a reputation for being a hotbed of the best criminal defense attorneys in Texas.  Just like you choose a doctor, choose care in who you hire.